Den Harrow

Born June 4, 1962 in Nova Milanese (Milan), Stefano Zandri is an Italian model, dancer, and frontman of the musical project Den Harrow. Zandri performed as Den Harrow visually, while the vocals were provided by other singers including [a=Silvio Pozzoli], [a=Chuck Rolando], [a=Tom Hooker] and [a=Anthony James] and production was handled by the team of [a=Turatti & Chieregato]. Over time the name Den Harrow came to identify only Zandri, who continues to use the alias. In 2012 Zandri admitted that he never sang on any Den Harrow records. Zandri (now living in Brescia) continues to make public appearances ,as he re-recorded all the old hits ,with his voice ,after taking voice lessons since 1998.
The name "Den Harrow" comes from "Denaro", means "Money" in italian language.

Chuck Rolando (1983)
Silvio Pozzoli (1984)
Tom Hooker (1985-1987)
Anthony James (1988-1989)
(unknown) (1990-1995)
Orlando (1996-1997)
Stefano Zandri (1989, 1999-present)

Den Harrow started his artistic career in 1983 when he met in a club, Roberto Turatti & Miki Chieregato, two of the most famous producers of disco music. With his productions 'Tome Meet Me' & 'A Taste Of Love'. Den Harrow had good success in Italy, Greece, Spain & UK. In 1984 & 1985 'Mad Desire' & 'Future Brain' entered the top ten of all Europe. With 'Future Brain' Den Harrow won. In Italy, The Festivalbar and Vota La Voce & In Germany became an Idol of Teenagers.

In this period he was very busy with Turnee & Recording but he also had time for releasing two LPs which entered the top 10 in the album charts in France, Gas and Beneleux. In 1987 'Don't Break My Heart' won, In Germany, the prize for most popular singer. His album 'Day By Day' sold 1, 000, 000 copies & remained at number 1 in the German charts for 8 months. Winning eight gold discs and one platinum disc.

In 1988 came out his album 'Lies' and from it 'Born To Love' which remained at the top of the European sales charts. Holiday night and the album 'The Best Of Den Harrow' shows his short lived parting from Dance Music. After this period he released 2 singles and decided to take some time out.