Green Velvet

Green Velvet, initially created by house don [a=Cajmere] (AKA [a=Curtis Alan Jones]) as an outlet for his non-vocal productions and frequent DJing gigs, grew to become even more popular than the man himself, thanks to club singles like "Preacher Man," "Answering Machine" and "The Stalker." Jones, who had nurtured the Chicago house renaissance of the 1990's with his [l=Cajual Records], gained success in 1993 with the [a=Cajmere] single "Brighter Days" (with vocals performed by [a=Dajaé]). Later that year, he formed the sub-label [l=Relief Records] mostly for instrumental tracks by himself and others. Besides releases from [a=DJ Sneak], [a=Gemini] and [a=Paul Johnson], Green Velvet figured on many of the early Relief singles, including its first, "Preacher Man" as well as "Flash" (also released on the British label [l=Open]), "The Stalker" and 1997's "Answering Machine." Jones began to supplement his Green Velvet DJing schedule with quasi-live gigs as well, and released his first LP in 1999. His self-titled release on F-111 one year later compiled a dozen of his earlier club hits, and the proper sophomore production album "Whatever" appeared in 2001 on his own Relief label.