Wings (2)

This band was a successful endeavour for ex-Beatle [a=Paul McCartney]. From its inception in late 1971 the line-up of "Wings" often changed over the years, but retained its core members:
• [a=Denny Laine] (formerly of [a266422]) on guitar and vocals
• [a=Linda McCartney] on keyboards and vocals
• Paul McCartney on guitar and vocals.
Other members of the band included drummer [a=Denny Seiwell] (1971-1973), ex-[a=Spooky Tooth] guitarist [a=Henry McCullough] (1972-1973), blues guitarist [a=Jimmy McCulloch] (1974-1977), drummer [a=Geoff Britton] (1974), drummer [a=Joe English] (1975-1977), guitarist [a=Laurence Juber] and drummer [url=]Steve Holly[/url] (both 1978-1979).

Whilst "Wings" was primarily McCartney's band (for a while playing under the moniker "Paul McCartney & Wings"), it was truly a collaborative effort, with all members of the band sharing a hand in songwriting and vocals - with Laine even taking lead vocals from time to time.

"Wings" enjoyed consistent critical and commercial success with almost every release, most notably with 1977's "Mull of Kintyre" which still is nestled comfortably in the top 10 list of the U.K.'s all time best selling singles.