Nona Hendryx

Born: October 9, 1944, Trenton, New Jersey.

Got her start recording in 1962 with [a=Patti LaBelle], [a=Sarah Dash] and [a=Cindy Birdsong] in the vocalgroup [a=Patti LaBelle And The Bluebells]. When Birdsong left for [a=Supremes] the other three members changed the group's name to [a=LaBelle], transforming themselves into futuristic disco-funk divas. Nona Hendryx wrote a number of songs for the band before their breakup in 1976 and she went on to pursue a solo career with her self-titled debut album the next year. She has worked with such diverse collaborators as the [a=Laura Nyro], [a=Allen Toussaint], [a=Talking Heads], [a=Bill Laswell], and [a=Bootsy Collins] and many others.