Joey Negro

Born: 18 June 1964 on the Isle of Wight and raised in a village near Colchester in Essex, UK. Joey Negro is the main alias [a=Dave Lee] works under, amongst many others.

Dave integrated his passion for disco music into house music as both a producer and remixer, causing many to call his music disco-house. He released music under a plethora of monikers for a multitude of record labels throughout the 1990s and beyond.

His relationship with dance music began in the late 1970s, when he began collecting disco, soul, and funk records. In 1986 he moved to London and began working at a record store, Smithers Leigh. The store closed down a year later, however, and Lee began working for [url=]Rough Trade [/url] Distribution, starting its dance department, [l=De-Mix] and working with labels like [l=Rhythm King Records].

He started his own label in 1988, [url=]Republic Records[/url], and released his first production, [a=M-D-Emm]'s [r=14969]. He also went on to A&R classic house records for Republic Records by [a=Turntable Orchestra] and [a=Blaze].

His first release as Joey Negro came in 1991, [r=212982], released on [l=Nu Groove Records]. This was followed by [r=231891], released on another of his labels, [l=Z Records] and eventually released on major [l=Virgin]'s sublabel [l=Ten Records Ltd. (10 Records)], becoming a club and pop hit; resulting in an album deal with the major label. He also produced pop boy band [a=Take That]'s version of [m93258] with 1960s songstress [a=Lulu].