Nicola Conte

Latin-jazz artist, composer, producer, and DJ from Bari, Italy.

Born: 1964 in Bari, Apulia, Italy.

Along with recording many albums of his own, Conte has recorded and produced for a great many other artists, including [a=Rosalia De Souza], [a=Barbara Dennerlein], [a=Stefania Di Pierro], and more. He also has several regular musicians he has worked with, including [a=Gianluca Petrella], [a=Fabrizio Bosso], [a=Pietro Lussu], [a=Sandro Deidda], [a=Pietro Ciancaglini], [a=Daniele Scannapieco], [a=Lorenzo Tucci], et al. Many of these artists are associated acts on his regular Italian label [l=Schema], which he too manly records for, although many of his albums have received international distribution by the major [l=Universal Music Group], under several of their labels.

He has also been quite a prolific remix producer, usually releasing many remixes or reversions for other artists each year, including several for Japanese artist [a=Tatsuo Sunaga] (aka [a=Sunaga T Experience]) and for jazz band associates [a=The Five Corners Quintet].

Along with recording/remixing, he also DJ's internationally, and has compiled several compilations, two of which feature over several volumes; "[l=Viagem]" and the "[l=Deep, Afrocentric, Modal Jazz Series]".