Herbie Mann

American jazz flutist, tenor saxophonist, clarinetist & bass clarinetist. He branched out to latin jazz, reggae and disco, to name some of the styles he explored. Mann also established [l=Embryo Records] (1969-1977) and [l=Kokopelli Records] (mid. '90s).
Born : April 16, 1930 in Brooklyn, New York.
Died : July 01, 2003 in Pecos, New Mexico.

Herbie began getting involved with the newly emerging disco scene when he covered LTG Exchange's "Waterbed". It's a very funky instrumental with a great bassline. From this album he also covered "Hijack" by Barrabas. This became popular in the early disco scene in the UK and was one of the very first 12" promos ever pressed in Europe.

Another disco recording was his cover of Celi Bee's "Superman" theme which peaked at #26 on the US Billboard charts. For this album Herbie worked with New York disco producer Patrick Adams and together they wrote the jazz-funk classic "Etagui".