Riz Ortolani

Italian composer, arranger, conductor. Sometimes credited as Roger Higgins (born: 4-9-1931 in Pesaro [Marche] - died 24-1-2014 in Rome)
In the 50's, following the tracks of Stan Kenton, his model for inspiration, thanks to the innovative style and the sophisticated sonority, Ortolani founded his own Jazz band.
In 1962, he wrote, together with Nino Oliviero, his first soundtrack for the film/documentary "Mondo Cane" (A Dog's Life), directed by Gualtiero Jiacopetti, whose theme became a world-wide success through the song "More" and gained the Grammy Award as "Best Instrumental Theme".
Ortolani scored over 200 movies. Among his most important: "O' Cangaceiro" (1970), "Il Sorpasso" (The Easy Life) (1962), "Danza Macabra" (1964), "Africa Addio" (Farewell To Africa) (1966), "Addio Zio Tom" (Goodbye Uncle Tom) (1971), "Sette Orchidee Macchiate di Rosso" (1972), "Io Ho Paura" (1977) and "Cannibal Holocaust" (1980).
Musics of Riz Ortolani have been recently used for the "Kill Bill" films Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, respectively in 2003 and 2004.