The Modernaires

American vocal group, best known for performing in the 1940s alongside Glenn Miller.
They had their beginnings in the early 1930s as a trio in Buffalo, New York, in 1935. Their first engagement was with the Ted Fio Rito Orchestra. The members, [a1887185], [a2517725], and [a448664] were called Don Juan-Two and Three. Soon after that, they joined the Ozzie Nelson Band, and became known as The Three Wizards of Ozzie. Next came a stint with Fred Waring, where they recruited Ralph Brewster to make it a quartet. In 1937 they joined [a299946]'s musical organization where they were featured on his radio show, and recorded many of the classic songs of that era, a few with Jack Teagarden. Their biggest break came in 1939 when Glenn Miller engaged them to record a tune called "It's Make Believe Ballroom Time," a sequel to the original "Make Believe Ballroom," which they had recorded earlier for Martin Block's Big Band Show of the same name, on WNEW New York. Soon after, Glenn Miller made the Modernaires a part of his big band. Paula Kelly (Mrs. Hal Dickenson) was added to the group, making it a quintet.