Los Brincos

The group was founded in 1964. Its members were Fernando Arbex (1941-2003), Manuel González, Juan Pardo and Antonio Morales, “Junior”. They were known as "The Spanish Beatles''. It was initially thought to name the group “The Black Sheeps”. All singles of this first years were number one in the Spanish lists.
Juan Pardo and Antonio Morales split in 1967 to form the duo [a1168726]. New Brincos were reassembled under the leadership of Arbex, with new members Ricky Morales and Vicente Jesús Martínez, from both band Shakers.
In 1969 Vicente Martinez also left the band and was replaced by Miguel Morales, brother of Junior and Ricky, and Colombian Oscar Lasprilla on keyboards. At the request of Arbex, they decanted into a more psychedelic rock, which in those years was ousting of youth preferences to beat. So they recorded the concept album “Mundo, Demonio, Carne” (1970), also published in English as “World, Devil, Body”. Its discreet reception decided them to disband the group. Arbex founded [a1652658] and later on [a22856].