Timo Maas

German producer, label manager and Dj and remixer born in July 27th 1969.

Maas bought his first set of turntables at the age of 17 and played his very first DJ set in 1982 at a party in his friend's home. In 1992, he started to Dj in the European rave scene, earning a name in the electronic underground world. In more than 30 years of career, Timo has been collaborating with and remixing many artists such as [a2725], [a3101], [a12332], [a8029], [a8760], [a1031], [a1661], [a1003], [a9436], [a4719], [a9902], [a35301] & [a145074]

Maas' first record, "The Final XS", was released in 1995. His second record release was a collaboration with another producer, [a195631], "Die Herdplatte", which was a bigger success than his first. Gary D also gained Maas a residency at Hamburg's famous club, The Tunnel, between 1994 and 1996, playing also at the historic Bristol club Lakota. Maas also began to release records through record labels such as [l1359], both under his own name and the alias, [a1013]. Maas has also recorded under many aliases such as [a1004] among others together with his friend [a7501]. In 2000, Timo Maas had a residency alongside [a962] at the New York club, Twilo. Since 2008, Timo runs his own record label [l128854], releasing artists such as [a299624], [a3057], [a15948], [a759] and [a1755506].