Hailing from Oldham, UK, N-Trance are producing duo [a=Dale Longworth] and [a=Kevin O'Toole].
Formed way back in 1990, the two former sound engineering students’ first production was a dance version of the TV theme to 'Roobarb'. 'Back To The Bass' soon followed. It was so well received that [a=Pete Waterman] signed it up to his [l=380 Records] label.
Next up was the song that has captured the hearts of millions worldwide: 'Set You Free'. Drafting in college student [a=Kelly Llorenna] on vocals, the track did so well on white label that 380 set a release date. This however never came off and N-Trance departed from the label.
In 1992, they signed to [l=All Around The World], a label that is still their home. 'Set You Free' was finally released but managed to miss the top 75 in the official UK chart. However, due to severe demand, it was re-released and scraped a top 40 position. This was followed up with 'Turn Up The Power' and another re-release of 'Set You Free' - this time, the now classic track reached number 2 and cemented its place in history.
Since then, the duo have released numerous tracks: 'Stayin’ Alive' (which heavily sampled the [a=Bee Gees] title) (UK #2, #1 in Australia), 'Electronic Pleasure' and 'D.I.S.C.O.' (UK #11s), 'The Mind Of The Machine' (#15), 'Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?' (which sampled [a=Rod Stewart]) (#7), 'Paradise City' (#28), 'Tears In The Rain' (#53) and ‘Shake Ya Body’ (#37).
They weren't finished there however. In 2001, a fourth release of 'Set You Free', aided by a remix from [a=Rob Searle], gave them their fourth top-ten hit, reaching a peak of number four. Up as far as 2004, they have released a single annually since. UK #6 'Forever' came in 2002, 'Destiny' (#37) in 2003 and finally 'I'm In Heaven' in 2004, which reached a lowly 46.
Add to this the numerous remixes they have done, ranging from [a=Divine Inspiration] to [a=Scooter], [a=Trinity-X] to [a=Ultrabeat], the duo never seem to stop.
Armed with former [a=Q-Tex] singer [a=Gillian Tennant] and with previous collaborations including [a=T-1K], [a=Rachel McFarlane], [a=Steven Berkoff], and [a=Ricardo Da Force], N-Trance continued to entertain for a while. In 2005, they embarked on their new project: [a=Freeloaders (2)].