Danish house/pop duo formed by Paw Lagermann and Lina Rafn.

The name derives from the famous Danish nightclub Diskotek IN located in Copenhagen. The nightclub also spawned their first single "Sorti De L'Enfer" which was a result of performances under the name [a=Bordeaux (2)] with [a=Kristian Paulsen] and [a=Nicolai Villum Jensen]. They both left the project and Søren Haahr, the event coordinator and DJ at Diskotek IN, joined and Infernal was born.

After the release of their debut album "Infernal Affairs" in 1998 Søren Haahr decided to leave the group. He has since worked with them on the track "Banjo Thing!" from 2003.

Unlike many other late-90's Dance acts Infernal writes and produces their music by themselves, with occasionally co-writers such as [a=Adam Powers], and throughout their career Infernal has evolved from being a Eurodance act to a more traditional Pop act, but still keeping their prominent use of Trance-elements. Their second album "Muzaik" from 2001 even features chillout tracks which were released on many successful compilations.

They had their big international breakthrough with the single "From Paris To Berlin" in 2006, taken from the album by the same name. The single was the second most sold in England and peaked as #2 on the Top 40 UK chart, only beaten by another big hit that year; "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley.
The album both marked a break from the label EMI (FLEX Records) and a shift from the Euro house sound to a more commercial Pop sound. In Denmark the album was listed on the charts for more than 4 years as it was re-released in different editions due to the international breakthrough, and many fans demanded to have access to the those editions.

As a live act Infernal uses all the classical instruments (guitars, drums, keyboards) and everything is performed live. In April 2009 they released their first live DVD recorded at Danmarks Smukkeste Festival 2008 in Skanderborg, Denmark.